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Some Golfing History

Prior to the 1850's, golf balls were made of sewn leather stuffed with feathers and known as
"featheries". Costly to produce, and insufficiently robust to withstand wet weather or a poor
iron shot, they ensured that golf remained the sport of the well heeled.

From the middle of the 15th century, golf was played in Scotland with what are known as
"long nose" clubs. These long, slender, shallow faced clubs remained in use up until the
late 1880's, their demise having been hastened by the advent of the "guttie" ball, made in a
metal mould from gutta percha rubber. The club heads were usually made of apple or beech,
the wood being cut to align the grain with the bend in the neck of the club. For added weight
the rear of the head was hollowed out and filled with lead, and a strip of ramshorn fixed to the
lower edge of the clubface minimised damage. The best shafts were of hickory and spliced
to the head with pitch coated twine. The grip was of wound leather.

The cream of the clubmakers were craftsmen like Philp, McEwan, Forgan, and Patrick,
operating in and around Saint Andrews, producing sets that ran from Playclub (No. 1 driver),
Mid-spoon and Baffing spoon through to Putter.

The clubs and balls we supply replicate these originals in look and play.

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