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Boating Safety Course
To obtain Coast Guard Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

What is it?

The Canada Shipping Act requires that operators of pleasure craft fitted with a motor must have proof of competency on board at all times. Proof of competency is demonstrated by having taken a boating safety course prior to 1 April 1999, or successfully completing a Canadian Coast Guard accredited test. A lifetime operator card, similar to a driver's licence, is awarded.

To whom does it apply?

From September 2009 all operators of a motorised pleasure craft must comply.

What is required to be known?

  • Legal aspects of boating. eg. Safety equipment required
  • How to respond to emergencies. eg. Man overboard or Hypothermia.
  • Responsible conduct. eg. Safe behaviour and courtesy to others.
  • How to operate the craft. eg. "Rules of the Road", piloting, weather.

The Test

The test takes 45 minutes and consists of 36 questions mostly of the association or multiple choice type. 75% is needed to pass. Successful students will be awarded their operator card by the Canadian Yachting Association. It is good for life.

The Course

The material for the test is taught concurrently with our CYA BASIC CRUISING courses.

Course cost is $35.00 plus GST.

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