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Per Person PRICES on a 5 day Cruise & Learn

Our goal is to offer you the very best possible value. You can reduce costs by:

Sailing with a friend Discount 5%
Booking before March 1st Discount 5%
Sailing May or September Discount 8%
Sailing March, April or October Discount 17%

Prices are set on either a Per Person basis, which offers the individual or couple the opportunity to sail with others, or a Boat Daily Rate basis, which is exclusive to your party.


One person is charged at the Per Person rate, and joins others on the cruise.

Two people together may choose to join others on the crew on a Per Person basis, or elect to have the boat to themselves on an exclusive charter basis.

A group of three may sign up at the Per Person rate, or opt for exclusive use of the boat.

A group of four has more choice and flexibility, and less expense on the exclusive plan. 

Per Person cost on a 5 day cruise:

June, July & August $1,195.00 each
May & Sept $1,095.00 each
March, April & Oct $ 995.00 ea

Deduct 5% for two or more persons.


Base rate is $795.00 per day, plus $30.00 per person per day for food.

Thus two persons would pay $795.00 plus $60.00 per day $855.00/day
For four persons as above, add another $60.00 per day for meals $915.00/day
Thus for a 5 day trip, cost for each of the four persons would be $1,143.75

All subject to 5% GST

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