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Photo Essays


Friendly Cove, Nootka

Friendly Cove, Nootka

Bajo Reefs extend about three miles offshore lying sneakily just below the surface in what appears to be open water as one heads south east along Vancouver Island’s west coast on the final approach to Nootka Sound. In calm weather there is no evidence of its presence, ... Continued



Alert Bay

"War Canoes at Alert Bay" was 'rediscovered' a couple of years ago and sold by Heffel Galleries in Vancouver for a million dollars. Painted in 1920 by the celebrated Emily Carr it shows in vivid colours the intricately carved prows of two suberb sea going vessels that must have represented in their day the high point of an ancient people's marine architecture and carving artistry. Set against the sweep of the bay, Carr has captured in oils a glimpse of how things were.

The community of Alert Bay on Cormorant Island lies a half hour BC Ferry ride from Port McNeil, is the oldest coastal settlement in Northern Vancouver Island, and home to the Namgis nation. Continued


Johnstone Straight

Big blue skies, gentle seas, and a warm fair breeze! For what more could the aspiring sailor ask? We’ve been enjoying perfect conditions since leaving Vancouver on a ten day learn to cruise adventure to Port Hardy, the first leg on a 700 mile circum-navigation of Vancouver Island. On board lazing in the heat of the cockpit my two students Bob and Patrick are leisurely picking their way through the remains of a late lunch. But bit by bit the wind is dying and as the boat speed tails off to a crawl we search the horizon for signs of what the weather has next in store for us.

“Let’s take the spinnaker down.” The huge multi coloured parachute like sail has been driving our sailboat Agua Verde north-westwards on a nautical sleigh ride up Johnstone Straight... Continued


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