Welcome Aboard!

Bewley Sailing in Vancouver, BC,
Canada, offers CYA learn to cruise
sailing instruction
and sailing cruises
on the spectacular British Columbia
coast. Enjoy basic sailing lessons
in Vancouver's beautiful English Bay,
earn bareboat chartering credentials
while Gulf Islands cruising, or take an
advanced sailing course around
Vancouver Island. There's a sailing
course to suit you.
Sailing........"it's the real thing!"
We offer would be sailors an
opportunity to experience the
wonders of Gulf Islands cruising,
or enjoying a sailing adventure in
Desolation Sound, or Vancouver
west coast. A crewed charter
is easy and carefree,allowing you,
your family or friends to enjoy your
sailing vacation to the max.

Embark on a voyage of personal
discovery. Whether busy adult, or
energetic youth, acquire new
recreational and lifestyle skills.
Indulge your curiosity, learn
something new, and enjoy a
challenging nautical adventure.
BC sailing is among the best in
the world, and offers unlimited
scope for sail training and
adventure cruising.

We deliver a top notch sailing experience, on a classic yacht, at an attractive price.

Whether new to sailing, upgrading your skills, or just cruising around,
we take a tailored approach to meeting your sailing goals.
Come join us!


Toll Free 1-800-661-9133
Ph: (604) 689-1647 Fax: (604) 669-2888
Bewley Sailing 2891 W.7th Ave., Vancouver, BC., Canada, V6K 1Z5

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